The Perfect Little Hotel

This Hotel in Lincoln’s Bailgate area is the perfect place to stay for a spontaneous getaway. It has all the home comforts and quaint little characteristics which fit in perfectly with the style of the surrounding area. Lincoln is famous for the signing of the Magna Carta which happened during the Medieval period (1215). What I like about the Bail House Hotel is that they have taken this information and used the medieval history of the area as a theme to style their Hotel which also works perfectly alongside the character of the building. Its all getting very geeky now though so i’ll show you what I mean with a few piccies…


See what I mean about the Medieval style..? Now that is a bed fit for a King. The four poster bed with all the fabric trimming creates a perfect medieval quality and the matching bed sheets and pillows, with perfectly positioned towels on top cry out “jump on me!”.


Medieval character doesn’t need to mean skimping on the modern touches…This bathroom was kept up to date with white stone tiles and finished off with a luxurious rainfall effect shower.


Just look at those beams! If they don’t add character then I don’t know what would. These gorgeous beams have been used as the focal point for the whole room, and so they should be. As the room creates its own decor, the walls and furniture are kept very plain and simple in cream and white tones.


The lobby area is still in keeping with the character and is brilliantly bright as a result of those huge glass pane doors. I just really love how homely this area looks though, it is somewhere where you can really switch off and just relax but still be surrounded by history and nice touches that you wouldn’t find at home.

There’s also a small garden area outside with this view. I picked a nice day to photograph this hotel on but you get the idea, its a lovely place to sit with no large buildings shielding the view and the area is laden with plants and trees.


Around the Hotel you will find many ornaments and decorations such as this one above. You might me tired of me using this word now, but they really do add to the CHARACTER, and such a lovely character they create! The whole Hotel just cries out that its lived in, something I find really important in Hotels, nobody wants to walk into somewhere which looks derelict and like no care has been taken into giving you that winning first impression!

I have really enjoyed my time perusing around this Hotel, it really is a great find and a very intriguing place to stay, you get an experience rather than just a place to rest your head for the night, although, I really wouldn’t mind doing that here…just look at that bed!

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