My Best Brekkie

As my first ever wacky recipe, I thought I’d share with you something which I enjoy for my morning meal most days. I like to call it “morning pudding”! My biggest weakness is pudding…I have always said that I would much prefer to go out for two puddings than sit down to one large plate of savoury food. Obviously, I can’t be doing that all the time (as much as I want to :(..) so I have crafted this sweet pudding like breakfast which fulfills all my pudding cravings for the day. Wow..that’s a lot of pudding for one paragraph!

So here we go, you will need:

1 Bannna

2 heaped tbsp of Greek yoghurt

A drizzle of honey

1 teaspoon of peanut butter (the ones which are 100% peanuts are the best)


Get your ripe banana and break it up into small pieces in a bowl.


Then add your teaspoon of peanut butter to your banana..It looks like its time for me to go peanut butter shopping!


Add the Greek yoghurt to your mixture and drizzle the honey on top. You might not want to add honey but it really does go well with the peanut butter and banana, as well as adding that sweetness which I crave so badly. Use as much as you desire, then find a fork and get mashing.


Just mash all of the banana up so that its no longer lumpy and make sure the peanut butter is well mixed in. Swap your fork for a spoon and get stuck in!

It’s sort of like a carb-free porridge combined with the idea of bananas and custard. It does sound weird but don’t let that stop you giving it ago, trust me, for all you sweet-toothed individuals out there, it tastes divine.

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