A New Venture

And finally, I’m here, writing my first ever post on my first ever blog! This is an incredibly exiting moment for me, to be able to say that I have actually created something using a computer is really quite a triumph. I am a hopeless novice in the world of technology and I know that makes me sound about eighty years old but honestly, I have never really got to grips with them. Why confuse yourself with formulas and cells when notepads and pens are so easy to use?  Sometimes old school is the best school, I am a true believer in that, but, I have this urge to try new things too and constantly challenge myself.

I want to take this opportunity on my first ever post to give you the lowdown on what my interests are and what this blog might mainly focus on. Firstly, I have the strangest, weirdest obsession with hotels..don’t tell me..your thinking she’s an odd one, well that’s true, but also, I just enjoy having a passion that is unique and so diverse. Think of all the hotels you’ve ever visited..and now think how exited you were to explore your new base for the week once you opened that key card activated door..no, still just me..? Anyway, I love that moment and would love to experience it as many times as possible in my life. I have seen some exiting yet  genuine dives and some luxuriously royal like boudoirs, all with their own style, be it Hilton standard or local hippie hideout, they’ve all drove me to this strange obsession.

Secondly, I LOVE FOOD. Food has become the centre to all my creativity..if that’s what you’d like to call it..the other day I added honey to some leftover rice just to “give it a go”..hmm I guess it was okay but was never going to be the Albert Einstein moment that would change the future of the food industry for generations.  I just can’t stop myself experimenting, no matter how weird the combination, I give it a good try, because you never know, maybe one day I will find the recipe which changes everything.

So on this blog you may be expecting to read a lot about my unique passion, Hotels, and lots of strange mind fuzzling recipes! Please enjoy following me on my journey through the world of blogging and growing up in this crazy crazy world. Arrivadeche!

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