A Mooch around the Savoy

I took a trip down to London with my two favorite ladies and couldn’t help but get excited when we stumbled upon a Hotel so magnificent its name was in lights and a golden statue stood proudly above the entrance.


As I walked towards the entrance of the Savoy I wondered about the number of famous faces that may have walked along the same stretch of road.


The glamorous entrance was busy with taxi’s coming to and from the Hotle, dropping and picking up lucky guests.



The checkerboard flooring added a fun twist, whilst also playing it safe with the monochrome colour scheme that will never look out of place. Polished to perfection of course.


I didn’t dare venture any further than this but could not start to imagine how much longer I could have spent in this building if given the chance to explore every square inch of it.


Never one to out stay my welcome, I left the Hotel and began to daydream about actually staying in a place as magnificent as this. This was a place of pure luxury.


This was such a lovely experience and i’m glad that I plucked up the courage to venture inside despite not being a guest of the Hotel as it has really inspired me to keep up my ambition to join the hospitality industry.

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